19 | Apr | 14

Richard Johnson

It’s Make Or Bake!

Woah. Roy Hodgson, made out of baked goods — who would have thought it? He joins Gary Cob-hill, Dough Hart and Glen Johns-bun in a rather timely bread line-up from Aldi. M&S aren’t the only ones who can do it! The job took food artist, Sarah Hardy, more than 28 hours to create using 20 slices of bread, eight pitta breads, six croissants and four brioche buns. Glen Johnson’s teeth have been given a tortilla twist (check him out at Facebook.com/britishstreetfood) whilst Joe Cahill’s eyes are reconstructed out of fruit malt loaf. And Roy Hodgson sports an unusual cheese topped roll suit jacket. Normal street food service will resume tomorrow. Come on England! Let’s hope they RISE TO THE CHALLENGE!