05 | Nov | 13

Richard Johnson

Milking It?

It’s a tough life, working the streets. Charlie — Head Bean at the brilliant Soko Coffee in St Albans City Station — has to do everything from┬ácut labels out of ladies’ new cardigans to comfort chaps with very itchy legs. As well as make their coffees. It’s all in a day’s work. But recently her job has taken a different turn. Charlie felt she was being overcharged for her pitch by the council, and decided to campaign for a “true cost” fee rather than a guesstimate. The result? Victory! Read about it here. About time. In a world where Festivals are getting greedier and greedier, it’s nice to see the little guy (sorry — gal just doesn’t work quite as well) coming out on top. Does this case make things easier for other traders up and down the country? Or is it a one-off?