30 | Sep | 13

Richard Johnson

And The Winner Is…..

Best one ever. The French (surprisingly) were on time. And (less surprisingly) so were the Germans. The Belgians never stopped smiling. And nor did the Dutch. Maybe for different reasons. The Swedes took two days to drive across Scandinavia. And then broke down in Dalston. But to have the cream of European street food competing in London was such an honour, and we were delighted that, after all their efforts, our continental cousins took home a bit of silverware. The Brits, however, were more than up to the challenge. Pics and films of the 2013 British Street Food Awards to come, as we announce lots of exciting new developments. But, for now, it’s time to wash the smell of bonfires, bbq and beer out of our clothes, and sit down to watch Jeremy Kyle on the Sky Plus. Safe in the knowledge that the business of street food in Britain – and all across Europe – is completely and utterly booming. Thankyou to Fay Ripley, Simon Anderson and Tom Parker Bowles (the selfless judges who worked their way through the 40-course tasting menu you can see below), plus Trinity Kitchen for supporting BSF’s work, James, Sol, Bill, Dazzer, Stephen at Fury, and (on vibe control) JD. Please register for the app and the newsletter to get the latest BSF updates – and prepare your good self for what’s coming round the corner and over the horizon. Street Food Europe, people!

Best of the Best (sponsored by Trinity Kitchen)

Katie and Kim


The People’s Choice



Dorshi and Street Kitchen


Best Main Dish (sponsored by NCASS)

Pork Belly Bao (Bao)

Highly Commended

Beetroot and Couscous Salad (Buskruid)


Roe Venison Tagine (Wild Rover Food)

Stovies and Oatcakes (Katie and Kim)

Dorset Gyoza (Dorshi)

Kasspatzle (Heisser Hobel)


Best Sandwich

No Lobster Roll (Tongue ‘N Cheek)

Highly Commended

Chilli Paneer Wrap (Manjit’s Kitchen)


Prawn and Pork Bun (Bunsmobile)

BBQ Pork (Tinderbox)

The British Croq (Keep On Toasting)

The Vegetarian Croq (Keep On Toasting)

Torta Fritta (Gurmetti)


Best Snack

The Snoop Hoggy Dog (Big Apple Hot Dogs)

Highly Commended

Toasted Cheese Scone (Katie and Kim)

Soya Milk Fried Chicken (Bao)

Sol battered soft shell crab taco (El Taco)


Cullen Skink with Home-made Wheaten Bread (Wild Rover Food)

Carrot and Coriander Soup (Buskruid)

Dorset Sushi (Dorshi)

Bhel Puri (Manjit’s)


Best Burger

The Bourgignon Burger (Le Refectoire)

Highly Commended

Picante Heartbreaker (Tongue ‘N Cheek)


Heinz 57 Burgerdog (Street Kitchen)

R Mutt Burgerdog (Street Kitchen)

Beef Burger (Gurmetti)


Best Dessert

Mr Whippy with Sprinkles and a Flake (Gingers Comfort Emporium)

Highly Commended

Mojito Ice Lolly (Ice Kitchen)


Baked Plums, Crumble and Crème Fraiche (The Tinderbox)

Raspberry, Basil and White Chocolate Ice Lolly (Ice Kitchen)

Snow Cone with Home-made Rhubarb and Jasmine Syrup (Stan’s Snow Cones)

Beer and Nuts (Bessie)

Kent Harvest Cake (Bessie)

Rhubarb and Custard Candy Floss (Cotton Club)

Sherbert Dip Candy Floss (Cotton Club)


Best Drink
Paris-Brest Milkshake with “Praline” (Le Refectoire)

Highly Commended

Ginger Beer (Square Root London)


Raspberry Lemonade (Square Root London)_

Coconut Horchata (Chinampas)

Agua de Chia (Chinampas)


Best Overseas Trader

Heisser Hobel


Best Young Trader – One To Watch

Stan from Stan’s Snow Cones


Best Street Food Collective

BEATS from Bristol


Best Street Food Event

Digbeth Dining Club