15 | Jul | 13

Richard Johnson

Cake Rattle And Roll

We’ve just had an email from a woman. Let’s call her Serena. Well, actually, that’s because her name is Serena. And she’s recently started up a cake company called Pearl And Groove. She’s in the process of getting a van so she can tour around doing parties, festivals, markets and weddings where she’ll be selling her cakes and cocktails. She’s got lots ideas about transportation, but wants to a bit practical advice. Go Citroen H, and learn to befriend her AA man? Or go new, new, new and live without the personality of a classic? How about leasing a cool van that can be branded, wrapped etc for the first year to build up some cash and test the market? Please leave your thoughts for Serena below. There’s bound to be some sponge cake in it for you. (Photo by Jack Fillery)