19 | Dec | 12

Richard Johnson

Stu’s Stews

You only live once – so eat out of your comfort zone. If you’re in the Philippines and want to try a slab of congealed pig’s blood (known as Betamax because of its shape) or crispy chicken feet (known as Adidas, for the same reason), you should head for the street food markets. And if you want to try balut or penoy – incubated duck eggs with or without a 16- to 18-day-old embryo – it’s the street markets where you’re likely to get lucky. If ‘lucky’ is the right word. But sometimes you want the taste of home. Meat and potatoes — stew if you will. But in this comedy sketch, featuring Matt Lucas from Little Britain, the cannily named Stu’s Stews are struggling to sell their down-at-heel menu to the good folks of Portland. How can they shake it up? Free samples?