31 | Jan | 11

Richard Johnson

“Heston Is Not Bald” Shocker

While the rest of the world busies itself with the opening of Dinner, Heston’s new restaurant venture at the Mandarin Oriental, I have found the real  Heston story. He’s not bald. Seriously. The nicest restaurateur in the business chooses to look like that because of what happens when his hair grows. The last time we met, he was looking a little stubbly in the head department. So I just girded my loins (the guy is a trained kickboxer) and asked. “Remember the Hair Bear Bunch?” says Heston. “That’s me. That’s what it looks like. It’s just so thick. And it grows stupidly quickly. Everyone just assumes I’m bald. One day, when I hadn’t got round to shaving my head, a man said to me ‘You’ve got hair! And you cut it off because you’ve got too much of it! That’s an insult to bald people’. He got quite shirty.” Clearly, you just don’t ruffle the Pro Bald lobby…..