03 | Mar | 10

Richard Johnson

Uh, Like, Wow

I always associate mushrooms with autumn – when the ground is deep with leaves, and the air is filled with the smell of bonfires. It’s the best time – just before nature descends into its Winter sleep. But the farmed varieties are available all year round. Which is just as well for the wonderful Sporeboys team on Broadway Market.

IMG00073-20100220-1216 I love their mushroom sandwiches. But then mushrooms on toast would probably be my last meal on earth, so I’m a bit biased. Or, if it was my last meal, maybe I would plump for two mushrooms, vast and baked, with their juices spooned over a thick round of sourdough toast. There’s something primal about the deep, farmyard savour. They are natural fast food. Just brush them gently – never wash – trim off their woody stem-ends and fry them quickly in butter and garlic. But Sporeboys don’t need my advice. The are doing everything just perfectly…….