Hellmann’s are a great sponsor. An honest, high-grade brand with taste at its heart. They appreciate the grassroots nature of street food, and want to get involved in bringing on the next generation of food heroes. We’re delighted to announce a three-year partnership, which will see Hellmann’s work with British Street Food to support traders across the UK, and comes as part of our wider commitment to the street food revolution. Hellmann’s are delighted too:

“Born out of a deli in New York, Hellmann’s has a long-standing passion for proper, good food. We are excited to embark on this journey with the British Street Food Awards, celebrating our heritage by supporting foodie entrepreneurs just like our founder, Richard Hellmann. We believe that food is joyful, flavourful and heart-warming, which is why Hellmann’s only use real, simple ingredients to help you make every single mouthful amazing without wasting anything!”

We sat down with NCASS 10 years ago to plot the street food revolution. Their obsession with the detail of food safety – at every level – has been instrumental in growing our sector, providing caterers with the information, systems and support to be safe, legal  and profitable. To be honest, WE should be sponsoring THEM.