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The British Street Food app showcases the best street food in Britain.

It’s revolutionary, with live GPS maps showing who’s trading where and when. It details the specials of the best traders, and encourages punters to photograph – and review – their food. The idea is that it is helping to build a bigger street food community. And, for the first time this year, it allowed people to vote for their favourite traders at the British Street Food Awards.

It’s a game changer. At British Street Food we’ve had (literally) hundreds of people saying how unfair the whole street food scene was becoming – that traders were being offered the best pitches according to the van they drove. This app is changing all of that. It allows the woman who makes amazing pies on a market stall in Hull to be ranked – just like the man who makes arepas on a street food market in London – by the people she’s serving. She can use the app as her own. And, by bringing her pies to the attention of the British Street Food judges, get the attention she deserves at next year’s Awards. Download the iPhone or Android version below, and please review it if you like what you find.

BSF_appThere is a slimline version of the app below, on the website, only viewable from laptops and desktops. But the app has all the bells and whistles. It’s simple to use. Traders? Click on one of the buttons below and download the app right now. Register as a ‘trader’ – everybody else should register as a ‘user’. Simple as that. Really.

Available now on iOS & Android



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