Awards 2017

THIS WEEKEND – tickets available here.

The British Street Food Awards is the toughest street food competition in the world. Five regional heats – culiminating in a live, national cook-off, judged by the general public and Michelin-starred chefs. But in 2017 it’s going to get a whole lot tougher. The British winners will head off to Berlin to represent their country against the very best of Europe. Now that’s what we call pressure.

The finest traders in Britain have been cooking up a storm to win the British Street Food Awards since 2010 – and we’ve invited the top European talent to compete in Best Overseas Trader since the beginning. But street food has exploded. So we are exploding with it. Raising the stakes. Ladies and gentlemen — we give you the inaugural European Street Food Awards. In Berlin.

In Britain, we’ve just finished the heats. We’ve had the Scottish heats in Edinburgh, the Central heats in Birmingham, the West and Wales heat in Tiverton, the Northern heats in Leeds and the London and the South heats in Brighton. So we now know that Brother Thai, Truly Scrumptious, The Buffalo Truck, ShrimpWreck, Homeboys, The English Indian, Low ‘n’ Slow, Tikk’s Thai, Dim Sum Su, Sticky Bundits and Wingmans are through to the finals. But there were traders that SHOULD have won through at the heats, so we’re choosing 6 wild cards to go through to the finals of the 2017 British Street Food Awards — and maybe the Euros. All the major street food countries in Europe are busy right now with their own national awards, and will send their champions to compete with ours in one ALMIGHTY food fight at the end of September. The European Street Food Awards. Ode to joy!


Make sure you are registered on the British Street Food app to vote at the BSFA finals. And the European Street Food app to vote at the ESFA finals. But you have to be there in person for your vote to count. The app is clever like that.

The 2017 Heats

12-14 May – The Scottish Street Food Awards in The Pitt, Edinburgh. See event page here.

21 May – The Wales and the West heats of the British Street Food Awards in Tiverton. See event page here.

16-17 June – The Central heats of the British Street Food Awards at Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham. See event page here.

24-25 June – The Northern heats of The British Street Food Awards on Leeds Dock. See event page here.

30 July – The London and the South heats of the British Street Food Awards on Brighton Beach. See event page here.

September 16-17 – The Finals of the British Street Food Awards. See event page here.

September 30/October 1 — The Finals of the European Street Food Awards in Berlin. See event page here.

All across the continent, the biggest and best street food nations are hosting their own national awards. Exciting. European traders are taking traditional street foods – whether it’s banitsa in Bulgaria, gelato in Italy or churros in Spain – and repurposing them for a new generation. The streets are becoming a laboratory for new food ideas in Europe. And the very best of them will be competing at the finals of the European Street Food Awards in Berlin.

“Street food is taking over” says Richard Johnson, founder of the BSFAs. “It’s interesting that in the midst of troubled times, we are choosing to eat in different ways. We just don’t want that fixed starter-main course-dessert menu any more. We want a bit of this and a bit of that — flirty, low-commitment dining. It’s why pop-ups and street food have become so popular. This stuff really does have the capacity to make the world a nicer, more relaxed place.”

The new Awards come at an exciting time for BSF, the team behind the British Street Food Awards. They are still curating the craziest, most exciting street food scheme ever – to LIFT vans, trucks and trailers onto the first floor of the upmarket Trinity Leeds, the new retail destination in Leeds. Plus they are developing street food ‘brands’ for Euston station. And putting traders into pubs with their Pub Takeover.

And, in an effort to future-proof the street food revolution, BSF are about to launch the European Street Food app, which will showcase the strength and depth of street food on the continent. With live GPS maps showing who’s trading where and when, it will also continue the latest news stories, and allow punters to vote for their winners at the finals of the European Street Food Awards.

“After Berlin, the next step is to form a European team to take on the Americans” says Johnson. “Take a container ship to New York, full of our very best traders, and compete on the streets of Manhattan. Then it’s the Far East. Although not sure how well we’d do on a floating market. This way of eating is all about coming together and sharing food – that feels like a positive message right now.”

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