Awards 2018

We’ve had FIVE regional heats in the UK this year. So we’ve chosen 10 traders for the finals. Plus SEVEN wild cards (genius traders who we simply HAD to fit in somewhere) and now it’s full speed ahead for the British finals in London. And then the European finals in Berlin. Check out the full list of heats here.

We all know the British Street Food Awards is the toughest street food competition in the world. Five regional heats – culiminating in a live, national cook-off, judged by the general public and Michelin-starred chefs. But the finals of the 2017 British Street Food Awards were a whole lot tougher. The British winners had to take on the very best of Europe. With even more countries competing in 2018, this year it’s a whole lot tougher.


Get in training for 2019! As a trader or a punter, you should be registered on the British Street Food app. Then we’ll know to keep you informed. We’ll open up for applications from traders in the Spring. But be warned — if you win at the British Street Food Awards, you’ll be expected to captain your country in the Euros. And, with street food taking off all over the continent, they’ll expect great things of the Brits.

European traders are taking traditional street foods – whether it’s banitsa in Bulgaria, gelato in Italy or churros in Spain – and repurposing them for a new generation. The streets are becoming a laboratory for new food ideas in Europe. And the very best of them are now competing at the finals of the European Street Food Awards.

“Street food is taking over” says Richard Johnson, founder of the BSFAs. “It’s interesting that in the midst of troubled times, we are choosing to eat in different ways. We just don’t want that fixed starter-main course-dessert menu any more. We want a bit of this and a bit of that — flirty, low-commitment dining. It’s why pop-ups and street food have become so popular. This stuff really does have the capacity to make the world a nicer, more relaxed place.”

The 2018 Awards come at an exciting time for BSF, the team behind the British Street Food Awards. They are still curating the craziest, most exciting street food scheme ever – to LIFT vans, trucks and trailers onto the first floor of the upmarket Trinity Leeds, the game-changing retail destination in Leeds. Plus they are developing street food ‘brands’ for Euston station. And putting traders into pubs with their pub residencies.

In an effort to future-proof the street food revolution, BSF have even launched the European Street Food app, which will showcase the strength and depth of street food on the continent. With live GPS maps showing who’s trading where and when, it will also continue the latest news stories, and allow punters to vote for their winners at the finals of the European Street Food Awards.

“After the inaugural European Street Food Awards, we’re planning to form a European team to take on the Americans” says Johnson. “Take a container ship to New York, full of our very best traders, and compete on the streets of Manhattan. Then it’s the Far East. Although not sure how well we’d manage on a floating market. This way of eating is all about coming together and sharing food – that feels like a positive message right now.”

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