Kale Sale

21.08.2014   Richard Johnson

Food has, in recent years, been notable in absence from Britain’s streets. It was an embarrassment. Something…

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The Burgers Are Off

19.08.2014   Richard Johnson

Burgers on the street used to be a joke. Cooked from frozen, with limp lettuce and dubious ‘meat’ content…

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17 hours ago

RT @wearenusou: @BritStreetFood awards tomorrow! @EdinburghMarket behind john Lewis! Champions battle! you decide! #streetfoodfight http://…


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16 hours ago

RT @edinburgh: Don’t forget to head to @EdinburghMarket‘s Tram Stop Market (behind John Lewis) for @BritStreetFood Awards tomorrow from 11a#Edinburgh

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A Star In The East

31.07.2014   Richard Johnson

Norwich has taken a little longer than most cities to ‘get’ street food. Here, until quite recently, it was still perceived as drunk food. When…

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Veggie Scarian?

28.07.2014   Richard Johnson

I used to be a vegetarian. But then I was asked to be a restaurant critic, and vegetarian restaurant critics don’t get much work…

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BSF Awards 2013

The British Street Food Awards went all European this year, showcasing the very best of street food from across the entire continent.

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